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A financial decision 4Life?

It wasn’t just Kylie’s alcohol-induced recklessness in Coronation Street that kept me glued to the goggle box last night. If anything, the ad break made for even more interesting viewing.

Goings on chez Pratt are usually fairly lively. But an event to catch my attention on Friday had less to do with Corrie and more with the commercial break that accompanied the evening’s first instalment.

Much of the intermission was dominated by the Change4Life campaign, the latest incarnation of which had been launched a day earlier by the Government.

This year’s £5 million campaign focuses in part on how consumers can make “smart swaps” amongst foodstuffs such as butter, cheese and fizzy drinks.

Smart thinking

The striking thing for me was not Change4 Life’s own advert but that food smart logos associated with this campaign then appeared on adverts for other companies and products during the same break.

This sort of cross-fertilisation is unusual. I can’t recall seeing a one-off set of commercials where the ads for different companies each featured a logo linked to a Government-backed initiative.

Change4Life says ‘we work with national partners, including commercial brands… to reach far more people than we could alone’. (You can see a current list of its campaign partners here).

Encouraging us as a nation to eat more healthily is no bad thing of course. Doing so can help reduce the risk of contracting health diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Save of the day

Whether the Government would ever extend the philosophy behind its Change4Life campaign to other potentially life-changing subjects, such as saving for retirement, is more of a moot point.

Take Friday’s example and replace food smart logos with save smart equivalents while running a handful of pensions adverts from life offices and banks as part of a nationwide campaign called Save4Life.

I wonder what the public’s reaction would be to that.