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An idea not to be tossed away lightly

It’s Shrove Tuesday today. A time, traditionally, when people went round singing (or a-shroving) for money at  Shrovetide, the day preceding Ash Wednesday and the start therefore of Lent.

If the religious connotations are too much then why not just celebrate good old Pancake Day? For the record, I like my served plain but with a splash of (decent) orange juice and sugar, rather than the usual lemony accompaniment.

Why am I mentioning pancakes? Well, I think the financial services PR brigade rather miss a trick collectively on this day of days.

Those occupying City perches should have glanced over yonder to Westminster this morning. And, in particular, Victoria Tower Gardens adjacent to the Houses of Parliament for the annual Parliamentary Pancake Day race competed for by MPs, Lords and members of the Parliamentary press gallery and in aid of a good cause in the shape of Rehab.

With a bit of forethought, planning plus the option of doing some good for charity, I’m amazed some major financial institution or other hasn’t come up with a similar event for financial hacks over EC3 way. Rather than Lords and MPs, watch insurance brokers and fund managers scoot clear of a financial services press pack a tossing as they go.

You couldn’t make it up could you. Maybe next year. You know where to send the consultancy fee.