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For six years I was the editor and then publisher of the digital platform (read more here).

The service is used extensively by journalists and media relations professionals alike. In fact, the UK’s money media has judged it to be the financial services industry’s top website (source: Broadgate Mainland Digital Trends Survey 2011).

My experience as a journalist, combined with the responsibility of running a valuable, data-rich digital platform puts me in a unique position to offer advice and bespoke training sessions for communications professionals.

I can offer you crucial insights into the best ways to identify, engage with and then build long-lasting relationships with the financial press. I can advise on the PR practices that work and the ones to swerve. If you’re an in-house media relations executive or external PR consultant looking to forge strong relationships with the financial press then I can help you achieve these goals.

Events – advice and participation

I can also play a key role helping to fulfil your events management needs, from brainstorming ideas with you that will appeal to busy journalists, to participating in the initiatives themselves. At Headlinemoney I created and ran a range of successful events featuring valued content that brought together journalists with financial services companies. These included the Headlinemoney Masterclass (aimed at writers new to covering money matters), roundtable dinners, speed networking events, competitions and seminars.

Since 2010 I have also been the chairman of judges for the prestigious Headlinemoney media awards (that’s me about 15 seconds into the video). In addition to being a confident presenter/speaker I’ve successfully chaired seminars, conferences and numerous judging sessions.

Curious about working in the media?

If you’re a school/college leaver or undergraduate thinking about working in the media, or a careers adviser looking for specialist pointers to help steer your students, I also offer a consultancy service aimed at setting individuals on the best possible path.

I’d be delighted to discuss any of the above with you. Please email me using the contact option below. Or call me on:

T: 01789 470 306
M: 07791 731 941