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Words, ideas, editorial projects

Hello. My name’s Andrew Michael. I’m an award-winning financial journalist and editor (more here) who can meet all manner of your editorial needs, from writing one-off articles, to brainstorming ideas, or overseeing more in-depth editorial projects (I’ve launch-edited several magazines for the Financial Times). I specialise in:

  • News and features
  • Reviews and comment
  • Commissioning
  • Advising about online content (eg, website newsrooms, social media)
  • Reports and research papers
  • Customer publications and guides
  • Ghost-writing and speeches

I’ve been writing about personal finance, City and business matters since 1988. I’ve worked in print and online for broadsheets, tabloids and also the financial B2B press.

Are you stuck for ideas? Or perhaps you’re in need of a really productive editorial brainstorm to give impetus to a new launch or communications initiative?

As an editor and online publisher who has launched several titles successfully, I can also advise you about creating an editorial project from scratch.

Sounds interesting? Please email me using the contact option below. Or give me a call:

T: 01789 470 306
M: 07791 731 941